Kecknits is the knit brand created by Anna Keck, a fiber artist living in the southeastern coastal landscape of Savannah, GA. Anna received her MFA in Fibers from SCAD, where she also works as a studio technician taking care of equipment such as looms, digital fabric printers, and knitting machines.  Anna has followed a fine art path of creating up until a few years ago when she discovered her passion for the knitting machine.  She combines knitting and nature with her studio practice, and is now focusing on designing knit accessories using sustainable materials and design practices by selecting only quality natural yarns and processes that will not harm mother nature if her heirloom products ever return to the earth.  

Anna  has exhibited both nationally and internationally, she attended a one year residency at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts, and her work has also been published in New American PaintingsFiberARTS Magazine, and Surface Design Journal, as well as on-line interviews with World of Threads and Les Femmes Folles.

Anna started the Facebook Group, Slow Life - Creative Mind to bring together a community of kindred spirits to inspiring each other to slow down long enough to be creative or enjoy nature away from the fast pace of modern life. A creative life is a happy life!